Judegment Day At The High Court London

Judegment Day At The High Court London
Mengi v Hermitage: Libel Claim Successfully Defended

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mengi's corruption in the Silverdale Farm case reaches unprecedented proportions

Corruption has now reached unprecedented proportions in the Silverdale Farm case and Mengi’s theft of the lease to Silverdale & Mbono Farms, Hai District.  The High Court in Moshi, advocates Apollo Mruma, Moshi and Trust Attorneys, Dar es Salaam have all now joined the corrupt  ‘club' by ignoring the rights of the investors and abusing due process of law.

In January 2006, Benjamin Mengi (Fiona Tanzania Ltd) admitted to the assignment and applied to the Land Tribunal to have the investors evicted. He abused the law in that the Tribunal only has jurisdiction to hear cases up to $50,000 in value. Despite this, corrupt advocate Sandi filed a claim stating that it was in the jurisdiction of the Tribunal to hear the claim but stated in the plaint, that the claim was for a value exceeding $100,000. The claim is set out as follows: -

The above plaint shows quite clearly that the assignment of the lease from Fiona Tanzania to Silverdale Tanzania in fact did occur and that Mengi wanted the Tribunal to set the assignment aside.

The High Court Lands, Division dismissed Mengi's application so he filed a second application to have the assignment declared void in the High Court, Lands Division in late 2006. This plaint is such legal nonesnse as to make a mockery of the Tanzanian judicial sytem and is perjerous on Mengi's part. I essence though, it does state that Fiona Tanzania Ltd assigned the lease to the farms and is asking the court to set the assignment aside. The case has not yet been heard.
Amended Plaint Land Case No 9

It seems that Mengi is not going to await the decision of the High Court, he has declared himself to be the owner of the lease to Silverdale & Mbono Farms unilaterally and despite having admitted it in his plaint to the High court (above) that he had assigned the lease.

Now it seems Mengi does not even recognise the fact that the investors ever existed.

Mengi is now asking he High Court to make a declaration that he is the owner of the lease to the farms as the following plaint indicates. This corruption is now supported by the High Court who are entertaining the plain, Moshi advocate Apollo Mruma, the Kyeri, Shari and Uswaa Mamba co-operative societies and Trustmark Attorneys in Dar es Salaam. All of the aforementioned are engaging in serious corruption whereby the investors are deemed never to have existed.

The following plaint demonstrates the above and is indeed a serious indictment on the government of Tanzania!!!.

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