Judegment Day At The High Court London

Judegment Day At The High Court London
Mengi v Hermitage: Libel Claim Successfully Defended

Monday, 31 May 2010

Lucas Ng'ohoboko's ethics and the Silverdale Farm case.

Kilimanjaro police alleged to leak information to bandits
From DAILY NEWS Reporter in Moshi, 30th May 2010

RESIDENTS in Kilimanjaro have said that the community policing idea will not get the desired goals if the law enforcers continue leaking information to bandits. The residents who preferred anonymity said some selfish members of the police force have been colluding with drug traffickers by providing them with information from the public. They also claim that some police officers were visiting houses which are selling Cocaine and Heroine in Bondeni Ward and demand bribes from the drug traffickers in order to escape arrest. “We are fed up because police officers are too friendly to the drug pushers and if you report them the next day they are released, facing you disclosing that you reported them,” one citizen claimed. They claimed that the police officers who patrol by using motorbikes and vehicles receive bribes between 20,000/- and 150,000/- from such drug dealers to avoid being arrested. They claimed further that the whistleblowers receive threats from such dealers. The Kilimanjaro Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr Lucas Ngohoboko refuted such claims, saying that those criminals were intentionally tarnishing the image of the police officers in the region. He, however, said that he will follow up the matter and if any police officer is found to be involved in such syndicate, he will face the law. He also said that it was unethical for any police officer to leak information and whoever is found doing so will be prosecuted.

Ardently refuting the claims of his officers above with talk of 'ethical behaviour' let us examine Lucas Ng'hoboko's ethics in the Silverdale Farm case. (He asked for a piece of land from the investors on Silverdale Farm when he arrived in Moshi. He was not given it).

He facilitated Mengi's savage behaviour and abuse of law in the Silverdale Farm case.

He refused to arrest Mengi when he invaded Silverdale Farm.

He refused to arrest Mengi when he stole property from British investors Stewart Middelton and Sarah Hermitage.

He refused to recognise legal documents.

He refused to address violence used against the investors by Mengi and his staff.

He allows Mengi to remain on the farm in clear abuse of law.

He lied to IPP Media on two occasions an attempt to implicate British investor Stewart Middleton and his staff in criminal conduct.

He used the Moshi police to terrosise and harass British investors.

He continues to condone Mengi's criminal conduct.

In fact, in brief, in the Silverdale Farm case he has shown himself to be far from ethical but given he has been in his post for so long, it would seem his conduct is congratulated by the Tanzanian governmennt.


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