Judegment Day At The High Court London

Judegment Day At The High Court London
Mengi v Hermitage: Libel Claim Successfully Defended

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mengi, may you rot in hell for this savagery!


“May God never put before my eyes on this earth a second time the sight of such savagery committed by the Mengi family and facilitated by the state of Tanzania that I witnessed on Silverdale Farm in May 2006”

May you rot in hell, all of you that allowed this to happen!

Benjamin Mengi and his late wife Millie kept a large herd of animals unlawfully on Silverdale Farm. They used the animals as an instrument of harassment against us and kept five to six men as staff on the farms unlawfully to tend the animals. the animals were deliberately driven into export crops to destroy them and to do damage to the water furrow. The police and Regional Commissioner did nothing to stop this criminality and the Minister for Justice at that time gave us extra judicial instructions not to interfere with Mengi’s cattle stating “the government is sorting out the Silverdale issue”.

On 11th May 2006 we called Veterinary Officers to Silverdale Farm where Benjamin Mengi and his wife Millie unlawfully kept a large herd of cattle, goats and sheep. The animals were found to be dying from malnutrition and disease. Zonal veterinary officer Dr. Swai confirmed that the animals were in appalling condition and were infected with Foot & Mouth Disease.


Animal left to die of bloat: 50 yards from our house


On questioning Mengi's staff Dr.Swai established the problem had existed since January 2006; that the Mengis had been repeatedly told of the appalling conditions the animals were in but had instructed their staff to leave the animals to die and leave the carcasses to rot around the farm.

No medications or inoculations had been supplied to them to administer to the animals and no attempt was being made to feed them properly or alleviate their suffering.

A quarantine order was put in place immediately. The Mengis ignored the quarantine order, continued to remove milk from the farm for public sale and put no sanitation methods in place. They made no attempt to treat the animals which were just left to die under the most appallingly cruel conditions. At the same time, the Mengis issued court proceeding against my husband Stewart stating he was killing the animals and has forged the quarantine order issued by Dr Swai.


Animal left to die of bloat: 50 yards from our house. Animal left dying in agony by Mengi for four days: We did what we could to alleviate the creature’s suffering but the Mengi’s had reported us to the police for killing their animals.

This appalling event took place on our home, within fifty yards of our house and the smell was unimaginable. At one time the Mengis had left over twenty carcasses around our house to rot; refusing to bury the animals in order to create maximum harassment for us and our staff.

This animal was left writhing in agony for four days before she died. Benjamin Mengi walked past it every day and ignored it’s suffering.


Mengi refused to comply with the quarantine order and bury his animals so we did so.


This poor animal was in calf and was stuck in the mud in Mengis foul boma for four days. Mengi and his staff just watched the animal and made no attempt to assist it in any way. In the end, under fear of being arrested, I and my Tanzanian staff went to the animals aid. We managed to free her from the mud and place her on solid ground outside the boma. She died of shock during the night and the Mengis left us to bury her.

This animal was in calf: It was stuck in Mengi’s stinking Boma: We spent five hours getting it out of the mud but it died later from shock.

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