Judegment Day At The High Court London

Judegment Day At The High Court London
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Saturday, 19 November 2011



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Saturday November 19, 2011

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Fresh move against corruption

A RECENT report titled 'The Front Against Corrupt Elements In Tanzania (FACEIT)', has asserted that the Police Force is the most corrupt institution in the public sector.

The force has registered 76 per cent in the FACEIT ranking.
This was said yesterday in Dar es Salaam by the Director General of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Dr Edward Hosea, when speaking with journalists at PCCB offices.

Others institutions that have ranked high in the FACEIT report are the Judiciary with 71 per cent, the land sector with 64.3 per cent and Tanzania Revenue Authority with 54.4 per cent.

''The FACEIT report shows that the sectors under its spotlight lead in soliciting and receiving bribes but we have come up with several strategies that will enable us to eliminate the problem,'' Dr Hosea said.

According to him, the government needed to get the opinions of the ''wananchi'' on the scale of corruption. These opinions will enable the state to plan the most appropriate move.

''We desired to get people's opinions and to know exactly the size of the problem in the country. We have accepted the findings of the FACEIT report because it is impossible to know everything by ourselves. Someone else had to assist in this crusade,'' he said.

In order to fight corruption in the public sector, the government through PCCB, has lined up a national strategy that will be implementated by all ministries, departments and government agencies.

According to Dr Hosea, stern administrative steps will be taken in a quest to stem the rot. Integrity committees will be set up in all departments to monitor progress on implementation and there will be introduction of service contracts.
In the same vein, special offices that will receive complaints from aggrieved citizens will be established. Progress in all development projects in all local government councils will be monitored closely.

The upshot is to ensure that the development projects benefit the intended people. This will be one of the most incisive ways of combating corruption.
The PCCB boss also said that his institution has already talked to the principal judge; the Inspector General of Police as well as with the TRA director on how best to tackle this social ill. ''They all gave us hints on how they would help out in the fight against corruption in their offices''.

Dr Hosea also mentioned the sectors which give honest services to the public. These have been mentioned in the FACEIT report. They include Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited, Insurance service companies, social funds services and Parliament.

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