Judegment Day At The High Court London

Judegment Day At The High Court London
Mengi v Hermitage: Libel Claim Successfully Defended

Sunday, 15 May 2011

President Kikwete. Says one thing, does another!!!



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President Kikwete giving his support to Benjamin Mengi.

"Give information to people through the media, engage the people so that they get to know what we, as the government, are doing,"


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From ORTON KIISHWEKO in Dodoma, 15th May 2011

PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete has ordered ministers, permanent secretaries and their deputies to fight against corruption in their departments, noting that some of the offices had turned into perpetrators of the vice.

The president who was closing the six-day consultative seminar for all government leaders in Dodoma on Sunday said posters showing war on corruption appeared to be a ridicule as the reverse appeared to be the reality.

"There is corruption in ministries. Those posters should portray reality of people serving in those offices. Do whatever it takes to struggle against corruption," he said, adding: "If you don't stand by those messages on posters, then your efforts will be interpreted as ridiculous."

Corruption and ineffective use of public finances are what the government has lately resolved to root out of public institutions, as they are a significant conditionality given by development partners before dispersing aid.

Mr Kikwete told the Ministers and Permanent Secretaries that there is no other person with overall responsibility in their departments, apart from them.

He asked them to abide by ethics and be accountable to the citizenry, with effective use of public finances and other resources.

"People want to see that after this seminar, your efficiency is enhanced and your actions reflect good governance and rule of law," he said.

Having spent seven months in his second five-year term, the president urged for efficiency during the remaining 53 months so as to give more legitimacy for his ruling party CCM to win the 2015 elections.

"Give information to people through the media, engage the people so that they get to know what we, as the government, are doing," he said.

He told the officials to visit institutions, regions, districts and villages to get first hand information of what was happening. "Whatever is troubling our people is within your means," he told them.

Meanwhile, the president announced that the government would form a special force to fight drug syndicates, saying the problem was becoming acute and blurring the future of many young people.

The strong unit in the police force would target the drug business and abuse.



“Well what are you doing about the corruption in the Silverdale Farm case Mr Kikwete after all, you have been given the information”!!!

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