Judegment Day At The High Court London

Judegment Day At The High Court London
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Sunday, 2 January 2011

TANZANIA - Corruption increased in 2010.

The Corruption Perception Surveys (CPS) report published by the Concern for Development Initiatives in Africa (ForDIA) has indicated increasing levels of corruption in Tanzania  during 2010.

The study conducted between March and June 2010 gauging public perception in relation to functioning of systemic governance structures and operatives, scrutinized performances of 14 departments/agencies, charged with service delivery to public namely; Education, Health, Lands & Housing, Licensing & Revenue, Judiciary, Ward Development Committees, Police, the office of District Executive Director, Natural Resources, Water & Sewerage, Power Utility/TANESCO, HIV/AIDS Committees, Cooperatives and Road & Works.

The study found that employees in the Police, Health, Judiciary, Power utility/TANESCO, Licensing & revenue, Water & sewerage, Education, Road & Works, Natural resources, Land & housing and HIV/AIDS agencies are amongst the frequent recipients of bribes with respective percentage rankings of 85.3 percent, 84.05 percent, 83.6 percent, 82.8 percent, 81.85 percent, 79.95 percent, 79.3 percent, 79.2 percent, 75.8 percent, 75.55 percent and 71.35 percent .

The 2010 study shows an increase in corruption since 2009 with percentage increases as follows:-

The Police have shot from second (75.8 percent in 2009) to first position (85.3 percent in 2010), replacing TANESCO (82.35 percent in 2009) who has dropped to the forth position (82.8 percent in 2010). The latter replaces the Licensing and Revenue, which has settled at the fifth position (75.65 percent in 2009, and 81.85 percent in 2010). The health department employees have moved to second position (84.05 percent) replacing the police, while judiciary employees have maintained their third position albeit with relatively higher score (75.75 percent, 2009 and 83.6 percent, 2010).

The Police and Judiciary were found to be the most corrupt local government agencies.

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